Here's a link to the audio to the silent film that I worked on with Sam Culter-Kreutz who wrote and directed this as an exercise. Sam's challenge was to shoot the entire 8 or 9 minute film on one roll of film, which meant almost every take had to be used. Sam decided to base his short film on an understated but faltering relationship of spouses as the husband becomes interested in a woman he sees daily on the cameras in her apartment's security office that he works at night. I saw in the film a tension between the guard's dedication to his wife but also to a job that distanced him from her. In terms of music, Sam suggested a sound reminiscent of something like  "Brandon" from Harry Escott's soundtrack to Shame , a large suspenseful and epic orchestral soundtrack.  I could see how the tragic, epic, and suspenseful qualities accent the husband's bind between faithfulness and desire. But tere was something about the short film, the domestic themes of longing between lovers and spouses that was lost in in the epic qualities of the temp track.  I went for a sound that would resonate with the delicacy of this domestic relationship that was lost in the epic qualities of the temp.